We worked with Rail Modeller to refresh the UI of their OSX app and improve usability

Rail Modeller UI menu overviewExmaple of a Rail Modeller side panel UI

Simplifying Complex Interactions

Rail Modeller is a an OSX application and as such doens't have a linear flow. We worked to simplify the interactions required to produce complex interaction. Examples include choosing a part library, picking a track piece and setting a gradient. We split the canvas into an (optional) orthographic view to give context.

Affordances and Predictability

We introcuced a more consistent menu system with iconography that more clearly indicated the action which it represents. We used graphics programs as the basis as the tasks are fairly similar. We reduced any misinterpresation by introducing tooltips with links to relevant sections in the help.

Example of a Rail Modeller color-picker interface
Part of the Rail Modeller style-guide deliverable
A laptop with a picture of the Rail Modeller app running
A complete view of the Rail Modeller interface

Reinventing the Inventory

One of the key areas that needed improvement was the inventory; the area where users can view the pieces they have used while building.

Screenshot of MEGAMAC

We made it simple and straight-forward to toggle between specific information about the canvas as well as give users the ability to create a shopping list and export using conventional OSX interface elements. The goal was always to make the application more accessible to non-technical people.

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